Targeted Medical Pharma Products

Medical Foods

Targeted Medical Pharma’s medical foods are amino acid-based, FDA-regulated medications specially formulated to manage the increased nutritional requirements associated with the altered metabolic processes of certain disease states.  Clinical data suggests that addressing the nutritional deficiencies  associated with certain disease states can reduce symptoms of a disease and improve clinical outcomes.*

Branded Name Dietary Management Use Related
Theramine Pain Management
Trepadone Pain Management
Percura Pain Management
GABAdone Sleep Management
Sentra PM Sleep Management
AppTrim Obesity and Hypertension
AppTrim-D Obesity and Hypertension
Hypertensa Obesity and Hypertension
Sentra AM Fatigue and Cognitive Disorders
Lister V Viral Infection

*Shell, et al. “Sentra PM and Trazodone for the management of Sleep Disorders” Journal of Central Nervous System Disease; 2012:4 *Shell, et al.,“A Double-Blind Controlled Trial of a Single Dose Naproxen and an Amino Acid Medical Food Theramine for the Treatment of Low Back Pain”; American Journal of Therapeutics; 2012 108-114