About Targeted Medical Pharma

Mission and Values

Targeted Medical Pharma is dedicated to providing value through quality, innovation and growth. Our mission is to improve patient health, provide clinical practices with diversified therapeutic treatment options, and reduce the cost of harmful side effects of drugs on the healthcare system. We operate on five guiding principles:


We demand the highest ethical standards of ourselves and others. We remain honest, open and trustworthy in dealing with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and our extended community.


We encourage innovation through extensive investment in technology and people. By providing a foundation for competitiveness and growth, we ensure profitability and future success.


We are committed to being a socially and ethically responsible corporate citizen by making quality and safety a top priority, as we continually work toward increasing corporate value for the benefit of our shareholders, employees and community.


We strive to empower those around us through education, collaboration and by rewarding individual efforts. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for leadership at all levels in our organization.


We believe excellence is not just the measure of profitability but also customer satisfaction, safety, efficacy, and sustainability. Our business practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results and encourage continued excellence.