California Physicians Find Medical Foods Clinically Beneficial

Clinically Supported, FDA-Regulated Medications Managing Chronic Disease without Costly Side-Effects

Los Angeles, August 5th, 2013 — Prescription-only medical foods are a growing therapeutic alternative to many commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals among California physicians, according to Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.(OTCQB:TRGM), a biotechnology company that develops these prescription medications for chronic diseases, including pain syndromes, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, obesity, sleep and cognitive disorders.

“Medical foods are shown to be safe and effective,” said Lonna Larsh, M.D., a Santa Cruz-based family physician, who recently started prescribing medical foods to her patients.  “My patients would rather not use pharmaceuticals that cause side effects and appreciate the fact that medical foods are a more natural approach to treating chronic disease and are backed by clinical evidence that shows they work.”

The medical food Theramine® is one of the medications Dr. Larsh is prescribing to her patients who suffer from chronic pain.  A clinical study published last year in the American Journal of Therapeutics found that Theramine demonstrated improvement in chronic low back pain in 129 subjects when administered as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with low dose naproxen for 28 days.  Larsh also prescribes Percura to her patients for the management of peripheral neuropathy.  Preliminary data from an open-label pilot study found that Percura reduced symptoms of pain and numbness related to peripheral neuropathy.

According to a recent research report by Falls Church, VA-based Technology Catalysts International, the global medical foods market is estimated at approximately $12 billion and growing.  The report notes that consumer and scientific interest in the relationship between diet, health, and alternative medicines has created an increased demand for medical foods.

“An increasing number of physicians in California are seeing the benefits of medical foods like Theramine and Percura for their patients either as standalone medications or used in conjunction with traditional pharmaceuticals,” said David Silver, M.D., President and Chief Operating Officer of Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.  “Clinical studies show that medical foods are safe and effective treatments for chronic diseases without harmful side effects.”

Los Angeles-based podiatrist Dr. Gabriel J. Halperin has been prescribing medical foods to his patients to treat various pain syndromes including diabetic, peripheral and entrapped neuropathies.

“Since we started using amino acid targeted therapies [medical foods], we have cut out or reduced the need for narcotics, said Halperin.  “We are using very low doses of Cymbalta, Lyrica or Neurontin.  Prior to the use of the amino acid targeted therapies, for example, we would routinely use 800 to 1200 milligrams of Neurontin three times a day.  Now we don’t get above 300 milligrams when used alongside a medical food.”

According to Dr. Halperin, patients would rather use a natural approach for pain management.  “We’ll start the medical food for several weeks, evaluate patient progress and offer them a pharmaceutical medication only if they need it,” added Halperin. “Sometimes we use Neurontin with Theramine or Neurontin with Trepadone.  Many of the patients, however, are on medical foods only, and maybe 30 percent are on low dose neuropathy medications.”

About Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.’s Medical Foods

Targeted Medical Pharma’s medical foods are amino acid-based, FDA-regulated medications specially formulated to meet the body’s increased nutritional requirements of certain disease states.  They are a safe and effective option for managing pain syndromes, sleep and cognitive disorders, obesity, hypertension and peripheral neuropathy without harmful side effects.  These medical foods are available by prescription only and must be administered under the ongoing supervision of a physician.  Updates on the company and these medications can be received by registering here or visiting

About Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.

Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based biotechnology company that develops prescription medical foods  for the treatment of chronic disease, including pain syndromes, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, obesity, sleep and cognitive disorders.  The company manufactures 10 proprietary prescription-only medical foods, as well as 48 convenience packed kits, which pair a medical food and branded or generic pharmaceutical.  These prescription medical foods and therapeutic systems are sold to physicians and pharmacies in the U.S. through the company’s subsidiary, Physician Therapeutics. These proprietary medications represent a novel approach to the management of certain disease states, focusing on safety and efficacy without the deleterious side effects of traditional, high dose prescription drugs. The company also is developing nutrient-based systems for oral stimulation of progenitor stem cells that differentiate into neurons, red blood cells, pituitary hormones including IGF-I.


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