Targeted Medical Pharma Announces New Partnership for Exclusive Distribution in Japan

Los Angeles, February 19,  2015 – Targeted Medical Pharma (OTCQB: TRGM), today announced the completion of an exclusive product distribution agreement with J-Network Inc., a  California-based company that specializes in distributing cosmetic and healthcare goods exclusively to Japan.

The Agreement grants J-Network an exclusive one-year renewable license for the marketing and sales of the Company’s proprietary product, designed to improve sleep and immune function, in Japan. Under the terms of the Agreement, Targeted Medical Pharma will develop new products specific for import into the Japanese market, and J-network is responsible for a guaranteed initial order of 360,000 capsules as well as maintaining annual minimum purchase orders of 1.4 million capsules for the first two years, and 2.1 million capsules thereafter.

This is the second partnership between Targeted Medical Pharma and J-Network. From 2007 to 2011, the J-Network successfully marketed Targeted Medical Pharma’s products to a variety of consumer groups throughout Japan.

“The completion of this agreement represents managements renewed commitment to developing new revenue generating opportunities abroad,” said Kim Giffoni, Chief Executive at Targeted Medical Pharma. “J-Network is a reliable and honorable business partner who understands the value of our product line and has a successful track record of distributing our products in Japan.”

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About Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.

Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based biotechnology company that develops medical foods for the treatment of chronic disease, including pain syndromes, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, obesity, sleep and cognitive disorders. The company also develops a line of dietary supplements designed to support health and wellness.  The company manufactures 10 proprietary medical foods, and the dietary supplement for sinus and immune support, Clearwayz™.  The products are sold directly to physicians, patients and pharmacies in the United States and abroad.

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