Targeted Medical Pharma Forms Distribution Partnership with Cannabinoid Genetic Research Firm, ENDOCANNA Health

Los Angeles, February 6,  2019 – Targeted Medical Pharma (OTC: TRGM), today announced the completion of a distribution agreement with ENDOCANNA Health, a company that specializes in  personalized cannabis through a comprehensive Cannabinoid DNA Variant Test™.  

The Agreement is the first step in a multiyear partnership to improve personalized medicine by connecting clinical nutrition and the DNA variants that influence the endocannabinoid system to create effective and safer therapies for the long term management of chronic disease.  

Under the terms of the Agreement, ENDOCANNA Health has a three year nonexclusive right to the domestic distribution of the Company’s line of patented medical food products to include in their DNA Variant Testing program which is currently offered Nationwide by physicians and retailers.

“This partnership provides new opportunities for the research and development of novel therapies and clinical protocols capable of improving cannabinoid therapies for people suffering with chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and obesity,” said Marcus Charuvastra, Managing Director of Targeted Medical Pharma. “Medical foods and phytocannabinoid therapies when used appropriately can have a very positive impact on nervous and endocannabinoid system health, restoring balance to systems that are degraded by disease, toxins, stress and genetics.”   

“Our partnership provides a unique opportunity to offer adjunct therapies that target multiple endogenous pathways simultaneously,” said Len May, CEO and co-founder of Endocanna Health. “By using Endocanna Health’s proprietary DNA report, we provide genetically-aligned protocols for clinicians to offer their patients along with analytical tools for clinical trials.” 

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Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based biotechnology company that develops medical foods for the dietary management of chronic disease, including pain syndromes, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, obesity, sleep and cognitive disorders. The company also develops a line of dietary supplements designed to support health and wellness. 

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