Amino Acid Science

Targeted Cellular Technology

Targeted Cellular Technology is a patented formulation that allows reduced concentrations of amino acids and other ingredients in the milligram range to stimulate the production of neurotransmitters to treat the nutritional deficiencies associated with certain diseases and conditions.

TCT is a unique five phase mechanism of action used in TRGM medical foods to improve the uptake of amino acids and synthesis of specific neurotransmitters.

Phase 1:

Neurotransmitter Precursors: Specially formulated set of amino acids, nutrients and other natural ingredients.

Phase 2:

Uptake Stimulator: Stimulates the neuronal uptake of milligram quantities of amino acids and nutrients into target cells to be synthesized into neurotransmitters. Flavonoids and Ginkgo biloba are examples of agents used to stimulate neurotransmitter activity.

Phase 3:

Adenosine Brake Antagonist: inhibits adenosine brake allowing the neuron to release neurotransmitters.

Phase 4:

Neuron Activator: Stimulatory amino acids like glutamate cause the releases the neurotransmitter from the neuron.

Phase 5:

Attenuation Inhibitor: Amino acids and botanicals protect neuron from oxidative stress and damage

Unlike pharmaceutical agents that lose their effectiveness over time, our patented technology allows TRGM medical foods to maintain effectiveness without attenuation. We use hawthorn berry with amino acid precursors to activate adenylyl cyclase without down regulation, so patients don't build up tolerances to our medical foods.